“When I was 19 years old I made my first rap song called “My story” it was on SoundCloud, I made that song when I was in college to kinda explains my past. While I was in the midst of making the song I realized I enjoyed making music. Fast forward a year later, I didn’t think I was really suited for rap, but i made my first rap profile where I would post basic freestyles to show people that even though it was rough af I could freestyle with a bit more practice and effort I stared improving my flow and rhyme scheme. I made my first ever song on iTunes called Bonkers, after that song was released that’s when I knew KYTE wasn’t ever going away. 3 years later and we’re still here and we ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

            Lil Krazy

“I wasn’t always into Rap Music, as a matter of fact I used to HATE rap. All that mumbo jumbo about killing and drugs was never for me, as I would never be able to kill a human being – unless they pushed me too the edge. The lord has taught as to show mercy, and when it comes down to it, I believe in showing mercy to all – even those who do not deserve it. It all started in the basement of my mother’s house, having little to no music experience, the things I created in Fruity Loops Studio 8 were far from songs – They were mostly just little ambience tracks for the backings of videos. While I never actually used any of these tracks I created for movies, I did start to listen to my cousin’s music (back then they used to be a rap duo and made all kinds of different rap songs) I really looked up to them, and lots of their music got onto local radio stations. They started to show me exactly how they made the music, step by step, and from there I started to listen to rap music more. These days, you will find most of my library is full of Rap Music, but also Metal, Rock, and even blues. I also produce music, so mostly everything I release was produced, mixed, and recorded by me. I have been doing this for well over 10 years… but I still have a long way to go.”

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